Professional Manufacturing Process Supplier

HuiYi Tech.

"HUIYI Technology" was founded in 2016. Headquartered in Taipei, and established offices in South Korea, China (Xiamen, Kunshan) and other places. HUIYI is divided into Display Division, Semiconductor Division, Manufacturing Process Division and other units.

Our business items include International trade, Agency sales, Mechanical equipment design and Manufacturing.

The team members all have decades of sales and process experience in the industry. In addition to the sales of single-product equipment and materials, we also have the sales performance of multi-factories and entire factories. Using a powerful sales platform to meet the needs of partners and enhance their competitiveness.


  • Business

    Optoelectronic equipment and Material.
    Used equipment and turnkey solution.
    Maintenance and sales of consumables.

  • Product

    Roll to Roll equipment, Optoelectronic Film, Display module, UTG etc.

  • Business

    With attentive technical services, rapid product development and customized specifications to provide customized server.